How Basketball Tech Is Changing the Game

How Basketball Tech Is Changing the Game

If you want to make basketball more exciting and innovative, you’ll want to learn more about the latest technologies. NBA players and coaches have already invested in technology startup companies. The latest innovations are helping to improve players’ performance, and coaches are now making more informed decisions based on data. In addition, players are optimizing their bodies to match their game.

One company that is using technology to make basketball more interesting is UpLift Labs. The company has developed a platform that can record a player’s shooting motion and measure how it can improve. This is an excellent tool for scouting and recruiting. The app uses a smartphone to capture a player’s motion while shooting to provide precise measurements.

Basketball training academies are also taking advantage of technology to allow coaches to spend more time with their athletes. Many use on-demand training platforms to make the training process easier. Stadia Ventures-backed MaxOne has invested in the company, which makes it easier for coaches to communicate with their athletes. Another company, UpLift Labs, offers an online system that allows coaches to make customized basketball training plans for their athletes.

A technical foul can be called for a variety of reasons. Some actions are unsportsmanlike, like taunting the opposing team. Other offenses include pushing or shoving, or speaking a foul language. A technical foul carries a penalty, and usually two free throws for the opposing team.

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