Startups in the Basketball Technology Field

Startups in the Basketball Technology Field

If you’re a fan of basketball technology, there are several startups you should consider checking out. These startups are developing new ways to track and analyze game performance. One example is ShotTracker, which uses sensors on the shooting arm and net to calculate a player’s shooting percentage. There are also “smart” basketballs that track play. The WilsonX basketball has sensors that measure the number of shots and misses. Another company is Blast Basketball Replay, which uses a motion sensor to record slo-mo videos.

The use of technology is already improving the way athletes shoot the ball. This technology is allowing coaches and athletes to measure players’ shooting motion, improve their form, and create more efficient practices. The company has raised $5M in series A funding, which will enable them to provide players with training in shooting techniques. Using this technology, players can practice and improve their game at home.

After a harrowing start, Tech pulled away in the second half, leading by eight points with 17 minutes to play. However, Tech went cold for a stretch of seven and a half minutes, missing eight shots and committing three turnovers. As a result, the Sooners went on a 14-0 run. In the final minute of the game, Tech scored two free throws to take the lead. The game is now 2-2, with the Big 12 Conference Tournament determining the Big 12 champion.

Technical fouls in basketball are important and are called in many situations. Knowing what they are and when they are called is essential for avoiding them in a game. Getting a technical foul can cost you a game and result in a fine or suspension.

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